"Packed with a unique blend of science, theory, and detailed guidance, this book presents the what, the why, and the how surrounding meditation. It's inspirational, instructional and impossible to put down, as it lifts you up."

~ Kevin Ocie







"Written by a divine soul, here to help others, a unique soul, mother of compassion..."

~ H.H.Sri Swami Brahmavidyananda Saraswati






"I am impressed with the clarity of your message. I want to order 10 books now to give to friends and family who would benefit from your message. It is a very enlightened book."

~ Atma Shanti






" ...received your book in the mail it looks amazing!!! Love your book it is so beautifully written and executed I can tell you put your whole heart into it and it really touched and spoke to mine..." ~ M.M.




"You have a silver tongue. Your writing is very free-flowing...it has a musical rhythm. Poetic, easy to listen to, your message comes across." ~ Carlos Martinez